Thursday, July 2, 2015

Currently July 2015

Happy July!!

There’s good news and bad news.

Good news- Summer is going great!
Bad news- Summer is almost over for me.

But, I’m not going to dwell on this.

It’s time for Currently July 2015 with Oh Boy 4th grade!

One of my favorite summer shows is Big Brother. I love the competitions, the alliances, and the back-dooring. I missed last night’s episode, so I’m catching up for tonight’s excitement!

I love summer break! Sleeping in is my favorite thing at the moment. I am also enjoying staying up as late as I want. I’m going out to eat wayyy too much. This whole summer thing is spoiling me rotten.

I updated my phone and I now have a new iTunes app. I don’t like it! It’s too complicated AND it messed up my playlists! I don’t use the radio in the car, so I really need my playlists to be on point!

I really want/need to get a pedicureenough said!

I have so many projects and units that I want to complete this summer. I really need to get to work and check something off my to do list.

All Star
I think that my ability to multi-task makes me an all star. As a special ed teacher, I have to juggle so much at one time while staying calm, cool, and collected. I can’t let my kiddos see me frazzled! When I’m frazzled, they are frazzled x 10and we can’t have that!


  1. I am loving sleeping in too! I am becoming a night owl, which will not be a good thing when school starts back up.

    Adventures Teaching 4th

  2. I updated my phone last nigh too....but I don't ever use Itunes. I'm not sure why I don't....but I just listen to the radio or stream pandora. :) I hope you get it figured sounds pretty annoying! Why do they have to change a good thing?!? And....girl....I need a pedicure too!! ha!

    I love that I found your blog through Farley's link up! I am your newest follower!

    Mind Sparks