Thursday, April 2, 2015

Currently April 2015

I recently started watching The Real World. Let me tell you people, I’ve been missing out! I just got time to catch up and finally watch the final episode. I love just relaxing and catching up on things that matter like TV. LOL!

Spring break ALWAYS comes at the perfect time! Kids are over it; Teachers are over it; Everyone’s OVER IT. I took a short trip down south and I am ready to smash myself into the couch and enjoy my last two days!

I’m in grad school and I really need to do some work for my classes.
(Enough about that!)

I love, love, love the Divergent series. I really want to see Insurgent before Spring Break is over! I can’t wait!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I love Target! I haven’t visited my favorite store in about a week! Eeekk! I just know there are deals waiting for my cart!

EGGS-plain Your Name
I am a Special Education Teacher. Normally, the Special Ed. Room is called the “Resource Room.” Well, some people have had the luxury of having an actual room. I’ve never experienced this. I’ve always been given a small space to work in. This is a blessing and a challenge. The blessing is that my kiddos and I become a family quicker because of the limited space. The challenge is that I keep getting more and more kids with behavioral difficulties. We need cool down space! However, I love my nook!

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  1. Oh, we so share a love for Target! Have you seen that BuzzFeed video about things girls think about when they go to Target?! SO trure! Enjoy the rest of your break!
    Miss Johnston's Journey
    L. Paull Designs for All

  2. I love finding more SPED teacher blogs!!! I am also a SPED teacher! I was blessed this year with a giant classroom, but it doesn't sound like I will be as blessed next year... haha!

    1. Oh, and my blog is :)